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No more brown water

Our system doses biocides which both remove and prevent the formation of biofilms. Biofilms are the common cause of brown and sludgy water. Fixing this problem can benefit you in three ways:

Save energy and money

With the biofilm removed, there is no need for a temperature regime to prevent Legionella.

Full legionella control

Legionella bacteria need biofilms to grow. Our system tackles the problem at the root.

No more plastic water bottles

Reduce costs, reduce the carbon emissions and easen the burden on the ocean.

How it Works

Waterworks supplies disinfection systems dosing biocides into the water via a virtually maintenance free process. The biocide cleans the tanks and piping and remove growth conditions for Legionella and other harmful bacteria. The growth is also the main reason for high turbidity, smell and taste of potable water.

Our Customers


Utkilen AS has installed the Waterworks biocide treatment system on some of their ships.

Solstad Offshore

Solstad Offshore has installed the Waterworks biocide treatment system on some of their ships.

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Hot water systems must have 70C water temperature in order to remain safe in a normal case. Where hot and cold water piping are close to each other, the cold water pipes tend to be heated up and hot water pipes cooled down due to the heat exchange between nearby pipes. Secondly, in some cases, heaters are not that efficient over the years so that the hot water is not reaching 70C at heater, and much less at consumer.

In other cases, the ship is being converted from diesel to hybrid or for other reasons converted to electrical heating of potable water. In those cases, you may not even want to heat the water up to 70C as the process of bringing the temperature that high is extremely costly.

The Waterworks’ system is safe to use at any temperature. Whether you want to reduce the power consumption by minimum 50% or you want to stay safe with both hot and cold water between 20C and 50C, you would want to have a Waterworks disinfection system installed – for the safety of your seagoing personnel.

The Waterworks solution is the Sustainable solution, higher safety standard at a lower cost.

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Latest News

Waterworks is in Business
Waterworks was incorporated 2nd June 2020 with the purpose of providing potable water disinfection systems for ships and offshore installations.

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