We are Going Online

Oct 20, 2020
Waterworks is launching the website 1st November 2020.
Waterworks is launching the website 1st November 2020.

We are very excited to go public and communicate with our customers and business partners online.

We promise to keep you up to date, give you a constant feed of news and industry updates.

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How to save money and energy on water disinfection
Dec 01, 2021
A medium size ship with less than 100 passengers can save around 18 000 USD every year with a smarter disinfection system. This system also removes the need for water bottles, which can save you around 24 000 USD every year with 50 passengers.
How to save energy and money on ships
Jul 12, 2021
Save energy and money by reducing the hot water system from 65 to 45 degrees. Save more money by getting rid of drinking water bottles. How? Install a biocide-based water disinfection system.
Why you should stop using UV filters for water treatment on ships
Oct 18, 2021
It is common for ships to rely on a UV filters to remove bacteria and viruses, but there are som drawbacks: the point of use problem and the biofilm problem.
Legionella on ships – How to ensure crew safety
Jun 28, 2021
A legionella outbreak on board a ship can be disastrous because visa restrictions can prevent emergency aid. Prevent this by installing a water disinfection system.
Waterworks is proud of entering a relationship with Innovation Norway
Oct 23, 2020
Innovation Norway has agreed to support Waterworks with funding for Market Research Project.