Energy Savings

By choosing Waterworks for water treatment, you can achieve great energy savings. Hours of operation and maintenance are reduced while we ensure you safe water.

Energy Consumption

Energy Savings

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Bacteria Removed

How can you save energy with Waterworks?

The Waterworks’ system works fine at any temperature and maintain bacterial safety regardless. By reducing the temperature from 70C to 45C on your hot water loop, you will reduce Δt to the environment by 50% and achieve saving in heating at possibly 75%. At the same time, disinfection will still stand at log4 (99.99%) with a continual and residual flow of biocides.

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The Waterworks system is safe to use at any temperature.

Normally hot water systems must have 70°C water temperature to remain safe from Legionella bacteria. If you use the Waterworks system, you can lower the temperature to below 50°C, saving a ton of energy and money.

Previous projects have shown that you save over 40 % energy by lowering the temperature.