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Waterworks was incorporated 2nd June 2020

Jun 02, 2020

Waterworks was incorporated 2nd June 2020

Waterworks was incorporated 2nd June 2020 with the purpose of providing potable water disinfection systems for ships and offshore installations. Senior industry Executives have found common grounds for a challenge that is affecting more people than one would imagine.

Waterworks have a dual approach to a business model that involves many:

  • The need for cheaper and better potable water onboard.

  • The urgency of getting plastic bottles out of the Oceans.

The world led by United Nations have long understood the need and the urgency of going Sustainable. UN has launched their 17 Goals, and many other NGO’s and GO’s are doing their best to participate in the fight against Global Warming, including the well known Paris Agreement.

Waterworks will use well proven technologies to improve the potable water quality onboard in order to reduce the exorbitant use of plastic bottles for supplies of potable water. Not only is the supply of water in small quantity bottles an environmental hazard, but it is a very costly exercise for the shipowner. Waterworks believes we can reduce the cost of water by probably around 50% or more by improving the potable water systems already found onboard today.

Please contact us at post@pswaterworks.com for more information.

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